Because of the rapid aging associated with pets (cats and dogs), it is important for pet owners to always consult our clinic for optimum health care of their pets.
Our team of experienced veterinarians conducts detailed physical exam. It is important to report anything abnormal you have noticed about your pet prior to bringing them for examination.We examine all your pet’s major body systems, we weigh your pet so we can make dietary, nutritional and exercise recommendation.The skin and coats are really excellent indicator of your pet’s health. The normal coat should be shiny and the skin is clean.


We examine your pet’s eyes, checking signs of diseases such as redness, discharge, cornea clarity, papillary responsiveness. We examine both ears to check the presence of ear mites and infections.

We examine your pet’s nose for any discharge or abnormal appearance. Your pets will receive an oral health assessment including checking the teeth and gums monitoring for evidence of tartar or periodontal disease.

A careful evaluation of the abdomen, heart and lung sounds is part of physical examination.

Your pet’s health starts with a thorough and complete physical examination.

Give us a call to set your appointment or locate us with our information.


Prompt and routine vaccinations is highly recommended in pet animal practice as preventive measure against fatal viral diseases. Royal Veterinary Center recommends, creating and adhering to vaccination schedule as part of a comprehensive wellness plan.


RABIES VACCINE: Prevents the spread of rabies virus between animals and humans. First dose is recommended at 3 months of age followed by yearly booster dose.
FVRCP: It is a combination of vaccines that includes protection from 3 major feline viruses; Rhinotracheitis, Calici Viruses and Panleukopenia. First dose is given at 6-8 weeks of age followed by yearly booster dose.


RABIES VACCINE: Prevents the spread of rabies virus between animals and humans. First dose is recommended at 3 months of age followed by yearly booster dose.
DHLPP: It is a combination of vaccines that protects against highly fatal canine diseases; Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. First dose is recommended at 6 – 8 weeks of age, followed by yearly booster dose.


At Royal Veterinary Center, we perform simple laparoscopic and surgical exercise, including routine surgeries in cats and dogs.


 Spaying is highly recommended in cats and dogs with high chances of uterine cancer and breast cancer. Neutering your pet reduces the chances of testicular hyperplasia and cancer. We offer special discounts for stray pets (cats and dogs).


Our center is highly equipped with high definition ultrasound machine (sonograph) for pregnancy diagnosis and imaging of internal organs.


Cats and dogs are often deprived of good dental health which results to bad breath, yellowing of teeth, dental tartar and periodontal diseases, gingivitis and stomatitis and this can cause infection throughout the entire body that could compromise your pet’s overall well being.
At Royal Veterinary Center, we have highly specialized team for good oral care. In addition to our pet dentistry services, including routine preventive care, we offer advanced treatment for existing oral problems. A visit our dentistry is a guarantee for good oral hygiene for your pet.


Good nutrition is prerequisite to good health and general well being of your pets. During your pet’s wellness exam, our team of doctors will spend time to create a feeding plan and exercise schedule to achieve their ideal weight and body score. We offer wide range of pet food to support health problems and weight maintenance such as urinary health, skin and food allergies, diabetes, digestive support, cardiac problems etc. All our recommended diet therapy are available in our center.


We at Royal Veterinary Center, we believe strongly in the value of preventive health care for your pets. It keeps them healthy and able to live long and active lives. This includes
– Regular administration of product that prevents intestinal parasites, heartworms, ticks and fleas.– Routine Deworming– Fecal Analysis


– Routine Vaccination


Microchipping your pets provides a reliable often less painful, unalterable and permanent method of animal identification. This simple procedure is carried out by veterinarians.
Implantable microchips are cylindrical devices that are implanted in the subcutaneous tissues using hypodermic needle. This device contains four components: a capacitor, antenna, connecting wire and covering. Microchips are read using a microchip scanner. At Royal Veterinary Center, our customers and clients are always advised to implant microchips in their pets in order to have accurate database and permanent method of identification should in case the pets goes missing. Questions?


What happens when my pet get lost?

This is a frequent question often asked by clients.

Once your pet has an implantable microchip it means it has an identification numbers in the data base. Report to the clinic, shelters, pet shops and pet hotels in Doha. This will help to track your pet using the identification numbers of the microchip.

Although this procedures is not mandatory by Qatar Government but it is highly recommended for the safety of your pet.

Kindly contact us to book for an appointment for implanting the microchip for your pets.


To live long and healthy lives, exotic pets require special care. Your exotic pets need veterinary care, balanced nutrition and appropriate management of their environments.
Because they often live in cages or closed space, more attention should be paid to your exotic pets. In Royal Veterinary Center we have a highly skilled veterinarians specialized in treating and caring for many types of exotic pets and are pleased to be able to offer care and guidance. We treat and care for the following pet animals;


– Parrot

– Turtles

– Rabbits

– Reptiles

– Hamsters


Our grooming services include baths, ear cleaning, nail trimming and hair cutting.
Our grooming experts offer breed-specific hair cuts or grooming packages.


At Royal Veterinary Center, our boarding facilities are designed to make our pets feel comfortable throughout their stay with us. Our boarding wing contains individual, climate-controlled suites and dogs are provided with access to outdoor several times in a day.
Comfortable beddings, fresh water, bowls are provided for all our pets and both canine and feline suites are cleaned and changed at regular intervals. Our team of highly experienced veterinarians do regular and frequent medical check-up for pets in our facility. We also provide free shower, nail cutting and complete grooming for the pets in our boarding facilities at the end of their stay with us. We promise to provide your pets with the best of luxury.


We offer emergency care at Royal Veterinary Center at any period of the day to pets in need; they are always our highest priority. For after hour’s emergency, we have a doctor on call on our hotline 55446672 who will respond to your message in a timely manner as possible.


At Royal Veterinary Center, our mission is to help the stray pets, abandoned and rescued pets find forever homes.
We are highly impressed with the attitude of Qataris towards the rescued pets in terms of care, generously and fostering them.We work to ensure the best outcome for the animals and its potential family. We learn about the adopter’s household and lifestyle to find the right fit for them.Without doubt, when you rescue a dog, puppy, cats or kittens, it will put an instant smile on your face to gain a wonderful companion. When you are ready to adopt, our team is here to help you through the process.



Relocating your pets internationally can be a completed process requiring extensive knowledge of both import and export requirements. Factors such as veterinary documentation, quarantine regulations, flight availability and restrictions, flight kennel requirements, timing and boarding can make it challenging task for any pet owners to overcome.
The experienced staff at Royal Veterinary Center can make this process very easy and swift. Our services includes– Health documentation: We organize all the documents necessary for easy travel including certificate of fitness and health documentation for domestic and global destinations.


– Permits and customs clearance: We Apply for import permit and transit permit when required.

– Trip logistic: We coordinate all airline routing and make reservations.

– Pick-up and delivery: Royal Veterinary Center provides pick-up and delivery of your pet.

– Boarding: We provide boarding if requested or required.